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As a therapist, you change lives.
Shouldn't your website do the same?

Clever Therapy Sites offers affordable, contract-free, SEO-optimized websites tailored for therapists who mean business.

Our Services


Is your website letting the side down? All that effort and you're languishing on page 4 of Google and the only visitor is you checking it still works? 

Find out why - and what you can do to fix it - with an honest and impartial website review.


Just starting out and need a website - but don't have the time or skill to do it yourself, and can't afford the thousands that the "big names" want? 

Here's the perfect startup site, everything you need, nothing you don't, for under £200. 


Want the perfect, personalised site for your business, but don't want to get tied into long, expensive hosting or maintenance contracts? 

I'll create your dream website that's works as hard as you, with no tie in, for a fixed, honest price. 

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