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New Business Website

it's time to stop hiding in the digital shadows. 


As a therapist, you've mastered the arts of untangling bodies, but what about untangling the web? (Yes, the internet kind).


Fear not, because I've got your (digital) back!

Introducing the New Business Website - just £199.97 gets you a website that doesn't just "exist", but excels. 

Yes, for the cost of three or four deep tissue sessions, you can have a website as invigorating as your massages. 

See, I've been in your shoes, and I know how money can be tight when you're starting out, so this package is the perfect compromise between a costly bespoke website, spending hours trying to make your own site, and losing business every day that you're without a digital presence. 

When you choose a New Business Website, you get a five page site that's perfect for establishing yourself: 

  • Home Page - where first impressions are made and second appointments booked. 

  • About Me Page - show off your professional charm and skills, after all, it's about you, not "massage"

  • Booking Page - where we'll make booking an appointment easier than saying "how does that feel?" We can tie in your existing online booking service, set you up a new one, or just give your contact details - the choice is yours. 

  • Techniques and Treatments Page - highlight your fabulous arsenal - be it Shiatsu, Reflexology or good old Swedish

  • Conditions Treated Page - educate your visitors on the ailments you sooth - from tech necks to marathon legs. 

And this service is tailored just as much as your treatments!

You're in charge of choosing designs, colour scheme and fonts from a thoughtfully curated selection. It's like picking the perfect clinic decor, but without any of the heavy lifting. Answer some questions (we promise, it's as relaxing as your consultations) and voila! A website that is as unique as you are. 

All the essentials are included: images, text, Search Engine Optimisation and a hint of digital magic, all thrown in without the extra cost.

Plus, enjoy a free hour of revision time - because perfectionism isn't something to be ashamed of. 

So, therapy superheroes, let's swap those massage oils for pixels and create an online presence that's as soothing as your therapy rooms. You knead out the knots, and I'll knead out your web worries.  

How The New Business Website Service Works

How It Works:

Starting the process is as easy as Sunday morning.

Choose your design, colour scheme and fonts from a carefully curated selection, answer a few questions et voila, I'll provide you with a wonderful website consisting of the five pages every therapy business needs to firmly establish themselves online. 

Why You Want It:

I'm a therapist, a programmer and a business owner - I've worn all the hats, so I know exactly how to make yours fit perfectly. 

You know you need to be online.


You know the old therapists' talk of 'word of mouth' being enough doesn't apply any more, and you're tired of your only clients being your mum, your weird second cousin and friends you've guilt tripped into seeing you. 

But unless you're skilled in website creation, copywriting and SEO, unless you've got access to stock photo and font libraries, unless you've got the right (expensive) software - building a site that converts costs time and money that you don't have. 

With this New Business Website Service - you get the perfect site for just £199.97.

Unlike other site design services, there's no tie ins, no contracts, no expensive hosting.

Your site will be built on Wix, and when I hand your site over, it's all yours to do with what you want. 

When You'll Get It:

We'll discuss timings when you contact me, but you're looking at five to ten business days once you've provided me with all the information I need. 

The Cost:

£199.97 for a five page website, including one hour of revision time.


And yes, it's that price to make it seem like a real works though, doesn't it? 

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