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The Zoe's Home Animal Rescue logo created by Clever Therapy Sites

Zoe's Home Animal Rescue

Website design, copywriting, SEO, additional asset creation

You'd be forgiven for thinking that making a website about rescue puppies and kittens appealing would be easy, but establishing credibility in a sector rife with salubrious businesses is harder than you might think! This is made harder by the fact the shelter (where the animals are) is in Romania, so cannot be easily visited. 


Zoe's Home Animal Rescue had recently rebranded, and their existing website was old, dated, and managed by Yell, which made any updates very difficult. Hosting was very costly and there was none of the functionality that is expected by potential adopters. The copy for the site had been written in-house by staff that had since left, and while clearly meant to encourage people to supply the correct information first time, it came across as crotchety and bad tempered, reflecting poorly on the rescue as a whole. A new site was required. 

I worked with Zoe's Home Animal Rescue CIC to create an informative, friendly site that focused on giving their animals a new lease of life, rather than highlighting the cruelty the animals had already suffered. Simple search functionality was added allowing for a live, dynamic list of animals for adoption that can be updated by anyone with access to a computer. 

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